The Importance Of Lighting And Portable Staging System For Exhibition

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An exhibition is a staging of different objects or works of art with which you want to tell a story. When designing and planning it (a vital phase in the process), lighting plays a fundamental role, since thanks to its correct application, all the elements can be appreciated, with their characteristics and nuances. Its proper use has, therefore, a decisive influence on the understanding of what we see. In addition, it has the function of creating environments and establishing the particular character of the sample guiding the visitor. Portable staging system and lighting, for all these reasons, due to its vital importance in the success of an initiative of this type, below we will reveal some data that can help us when we consider the lighting for exhibitions.

A Temporary Or Permanent Exhibition

It is one of the most basic typologies in which we can categorize this type of initiatives. When we are going to elaborate the exhibition plan or Exhibition brief we will have to take into account what are the material and economic resources with which we have, as well as the characteristics of the physical space and everything that has to do with the exhibition at all levels. If it is something temporary, with a fixed duration of time, we will use flexible lighting systems that provide us with the characteristics that we need to give life to the exhibition and guide the visitor to what interests them. In addition, it is a device with an assembly and disassembly specially designed so as not to give problems and to be able to be used again soon. Check this site to read more Small Stage Hire

The Importance Of Natural And Artificial Light

Playing with natural light has been basic for many years, but from the combination of artificial light is where the best results emerge, since the deficiencies are corrected. The first aids to visitor concentration keep interest alive and decrease fatigue; while the second provides more control, which translates into a greater appreciation of the elements that make up the exhibition.

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The Basic Principles Of Exhibition Lighting

When Planning A Sample, There Are Basic Principles That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • The angle of reflection of the light is equal to the angle of incidence
  • The angle at which the light strikes helps the appreciation of the object or hides it if it is what is desired
  • Any illuminated object becomes a light source, and its image is reflected proportionally to the relative illumination of the object and the reflective surface
  • The darker the tone of the reflecting surface, the more light you need
  • The strength of the light decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from its source – The rays of light, if not blocked, radiate from its source evenly in all directions
  • Portable staging system dark colors grip light, while light colors and polished surfaces reflect it. Click here for more info staging hire UK

The Types Of Lamps And Their Importance In The Exhibition

Different light sources can be interesting to illuminate a sample. On the one hand, we have the incandescent lamps, which are the most used for both general and spot lighting. The fluorescent lamps have the quality of a great luminous efficiency being of low consumption, and there is a great range of whites available in the market, as well as different temperatures of color to obtain different effects. This type of lamps provides a light of uniform type, so it is especially suitable for general lighting and works in two dimensions. As for LEDs, they are beginning to be used for lighting objects and exhibition spaces for the quality of its light and its high efficiency.

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